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As a group we use our connections, in order to encourage all governmental and other types of body to push for changes in law and regulations appertaining to access to care records

Our aim is to make changes to Legislation so as to provide recognition for the rights of Care Leavers over the age of 25, remove the amount of redactions (crossings out) from care records, and give records officers protection from the possibility of prosecution by the Information Commissioner's Office.

We have already

We constantly try to engage with none-governmental bodies, in order to encourage them to give us data for the purposes of our research, and make changes to guidance and none legislative regulations in the area of access to care records

We work with Local Authorities to both monitor and encourage them to improve their access to records services in accordance with the guidelines and legilslation

  • We offer training and support
  • We participate in forums and constant dialogue with record providers
  • The Care Leavers Association offer a quality standard called CLEARmark for record providers. For more information click here

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ACCESS TO CARE RECORDS GROUP is an association of individuals dedicated to providing better access to care records for Care Leavers, by lobbying government for changes in law and regulation.

We seek not only changes in legislation and rules designed to frustrate access to the past life of a care leaver, but also endeavour to provide better access when Care Leavers require it.